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Spiritual Self Schema Therapy

What is it?

Spiritual Self Schema (3S) therapy was founded by S. Kelly Avants, Ph.D. & Arthur Margolin, Ph.D. at the Yale University School of Medicine.

Whereas DBT focuses more on how to do a better life, and MRT focuses on how think for a better life, Spiritual Self Schema therapy focuses on how to be to have a better life.


A schema is the formulation of how we see something, the meaning we attach to it, and our perceptions of it. Self-schema pertains to the schemas about ourselves. Examples of self-schemas might include: 

"I 'm fat," "I'm pretty," "I'm stupid," "I am anxious," "I'm good," etc. It is a mental model of self.

Spirituality defines spiritual as, "having a mind or emotions of a high and delicately refined quality." Spirituality pertains the degree of rightness, calmness, or peace one has relative to his or herself and relative to the rest of his or her reality.

The Program

Spiritual Self Schema can be provided in group or individual sessions. Experience indicates that there is an advantage to group work. 

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