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​Dialectical Behavior Treatment (DBT)

What is it?

Dialectial Behavioral Therapy (DBT) was founded by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. The ideal treatment for Borderline Personality disorder, it has also proven effective in the treatment of other conditions.



Dialectics are thoughts, feelings, urges, or circumstances that appear to be in opposition to, or incompatible with, each other.

Acceptance and Change


We continually have dialectical experiences. In DBT one of the great dialectics is ACCEPTANCE and CHANGE. Those things in life that don't work for us that we can change, we need to. Those things beyond our ability to change, we must learn to accept. Those things we can change for the better, we must learn how to change, without causing more problems. 


DBT Skills

DBT provides four core skill groups to effectively practice acceptance and change. These core skill groups are:


Distress Tolerance

Emotion Regulation

Interpersonal Effectiveness


Skills are best taught in a group format.


Your Counselor

Andrew, has had several advanced, intensive DBT trainings under the tutelage of some of the foremost experts in the field

( Shari Manning, Ph.D; Kelly Koerner, Ph.D; Charlie Swensen, Ph.D; Alan Frizetti, Ph.D; Karen Hall, Ph.D ). He has also provided training and supervision in DBT.


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