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Moral Reconation Therapy™ (MRT)

What is it?

Moral Reconation Therapy™ (MRT) is a cognitive therapy that was originally developed, with great long term results, for criminal populations. It very effectively helps in changing perceptions and thinking that causes behavioral problems in all populations.

Moral Reasoning

MRT targets deficits in moral reasoning. Moral Reasoning pertains to the decision making process. Indications of poor moral reasoning are a repetition of problem decisions and behaviors with continued negative results and consequences.

MRT Treatment

MRT is a group treatment that is reinforced in individual sessions. Through a process of activities and steps, the client's thinking and perceptions shift in a direction that promotes better decision making and actions. Group treatment is not where personal issues are discussed. Group is structured and focused on topics and activities. Personal issues and concerns are addressed in individual sessions.

Your Counselor

Andrew, is a certified MRT facilitator. He has been trained under the direction of Correctional Counseling Inc. He has also provided supervision in MRT. 

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